Annihilatus - Blood and War

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This band really doesn’t impress me much for some reason. Maybe it’s because the main riffs from their songs are rehashed from other bands or derivatives thereof. The first song had me thinking Mayhem and the next one was Darkthrone. Can you see where this is going? Their Blackened Death Metal style is very derivative and essentially speaking, this is not all that different from any number of bands doing something similar. Their sound is kind of bass heavy with the guitars being very much on the thin side. In a way, this is good because the heavy bass action makes up for the lack of lower end in the guitars. The vocals are kind of buried in the middle of all of this and though the singer’s Black Metal screaming is audible most of the time, it sort of degenerates into background noise. You can hear him, you just can’t make out a damn thing he’s saying - not that you could have if he was louder but still… Their best material is the slower stuff as their sound isn’t all that conductive to faster playing. The faster the band plays the more muddled their riffs become. The song becomes a ball of chaotic noise that only gets orderly when things slow down again. Add to the fact that a lot of their songs sound the same and you get something that is mediocre at best.

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