Angelcrypt - From Abyss to Glory

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

These guys must have spent a mint on the packaging of this CDR. They seem like okay guys, too. So I really wanted to like this, but… It’s terrible. The overall recording quality itself isn’t bad, but the guitars are exceedingly thin and wispy, and that’s when they’re not utterly buried by the mixed-way-too-high keyboards. Still, I could almost deal with all that, since more money for a better studio and mix could possible save things next time. No, what really hurts this the most is the singing. Imagine the worst lower-register proto-Thrash singer you ever heard, then stab him the throat a couple times with a rusty spoon (not in the good way), and force him to do his poorest impression of Master of Puppets-era James Hetfield trying to sound like Rob Halford’s retarded little brother. But wait! There’s more! Get all that in your mind, and then (Satan help us!) a really bad chick singer comes in every now and then with the “opera” vocals. If anyone cares, there is also a CD-ROM video track and some other multimedia stuff that I honestly didn’t check out.

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