Ancient Vvisdom - A Godlike Inferno

Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One of the most underrated songs of all time is Swedish Death Metal horde Aeon’s acoustic, Country-style version of “God Gives Head in Heaven.” This is a song I’ll listen to on repeat for hours. Sure there’s a bit of humor implied, but the extremely anti-Christian sentiment seems to have more anthemic quality, more power, when delivered through clean vocals and acoustic guitar. Sorry, it’s the first thing that popped into my head upon initially hearing Austin’s Ancient Vvisdom, and it seemed more proper than starting the review with, “Satanic Dashboard Confessional? Count me in!” No, Ancient Vvisdom are not Country, nor are they Emo-tinged Pop, but the acoustic guitar and a pretty voice are their weapons of choice, and yes, lyrically they are but slaves to the One with horns. They write pure Classic Rock acoustic jams —granted they do utilize plenty of good ol’ electric guitar and just enough percussion to get the feet tapping— while radio-ready vocalist Nathan Opposition solemnly drops pimp shit like, “Hail to Thee, Lord Lucifer / I sing my praises to Thee and I suffer no longer.” It’s something different, it’s total kvlt, it’s well done, and I fucking love it. It isn’t a completely flawless record —”Lost Civilization” sounds too much like an unofficial “Ziggy Stardust” cover, “Devil Brain” goes a little crazy on the Blues hooks, and opener “Alter Reality” gets things off to a relatively slow start— but it doesn’t get much more immediately addictive than “The Opposition,” “Necessary Evil,” and “Forever Tonight.” The album ends on a superbly apocalyptic note with the joyless tandem of “Vvorld of Flesh” and “Children of the Wasteland,” and I believe a standing ovation is in order. A compelling juxtaposition of darkness and light, this might be the most fun one can have worshipping Negativity.

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