Aegror - Forgotten Tales…

Posted on Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Even if you do try to keep your nose firmly pinned to the underground grindstone, there’s a good chance you’ve still never heard of this Teutonic tribe. The unsigned Black/Death quintet only have one full-length under their bulletbelts (2010’s De Morbis) to go along with this new 5-song EP. (Fun fact: “EPs” from unsigned bands used to be called “demos.”) However, they may not remain unknowns much longer. Forgotten Tales… (is that ellipsis really necessary?) is a surprisingly good listen throughout. Granted, it’s certainly nothing we haven’t heard before. Nevertheless, the band possess a penchant for catchy, high-quality songwriting that cannot be denied, and an all-pro production definitely doesn’t hurt matters, either. These guys shamelessly wear their primary influence on their sleeves, and that influence without question is Naglfar. (It should go without saying that implies an inherent nod to Swedish Black Metal grandaddies Dissection also… but I went ahead and said it anyway.) The chorus of leadoff blazer “Buried in Oblivion” wastes no time revealing that the Aegror gents are most likely no strangers to spinning classics like Diabolical, Pariah, and Harvest about 666 times a day, but who can blame them? In addition to worship of the masters, they also manage to work in an occasional pit riff, as well as subtle nods to melancholy both musically and lyrically. Speaking of the latter, these dudes were kind enough to write surefire crowd-pleaser “Manipulation” about my job. I’ve never even met them, yet they’ve successfully described my workplace environment to a tee. Strange but true. Forgotten Tales… closes out on a triumphant note with the part-Thrash ballad/part-Melodeath anthem “Behind Walls,” featuring a quick dose of decent clean vocals to boot. Make no mistake, Aegror aren’t quite all the way there yet —there isn’t a single arrangement here that won’t have you saying, “That sounds like _______”— but they’re damn close. Seeing as how this puppy is available for free download, you have absolutely no excuse for not checking it out. At the very least, you’ll find a couple awesome tunes to put the icing on that next mixtape.

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Mithyr said:

Thanks for the review.

Posted on Saturday, April 06, 2013 - 02:02:03 PM

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