A Pale Horse Named Death - Lay My Soul to Waste

Posted on Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sal Abruscato. Been a long time since I saw that name in print. Was it 1993? Damn, I’m getting old. Bloody Kisses. Great record. Timeless. I still listen to it semi-regularly 20 years later. That’s the last record I own with Sal on it. Johnny Kelly took over on drums after Sal left Type O Negative for Life of Agony in ‘94 or ‘95. I remember everyone loving Life of Agony back then. I didn’t. I thought they sucked ass. Some people say Type O wasn’t the same after Sal left. I’m not one of those people. I like everything except Dead Again. Kelly and Sal are essentially the same drummer. Kelly even drums for A Pale Horse Named Death when they play live. No one really notices. Kelly does that so Sal can sing and play guitar. Kelly does that for Glenn Danzig, too. Except Glenn doesn’t play guitar. Does he? I don’t really care. I don’t think Sal has ever been the frontman before A Pale Horse Named Death. Can’t remember what he did in Life of Agony. Life of Agony sucked ass. I’ve also never heard Sal’s other band, Toximia. I don’t think anyone has ever heard Toximia. No one really cares. I missed out on A Pale Horse Named Death’s 2011 debut LP, And Hell Will Follow Me. I work a lot. No computer. Did a lotta coke and bar-skank chasing 2 years ago. Not so much lately. Damn, I’m getting old. But I made it a point to check out Lay My Soul to Waste. People kept telling me how much A Pale Horse Named Death sounds like Type O. They kinda do. Same bass tone. Same airplane throttle pick-slides. Same drum sound/style. Duh! Musically it’s probably a little closer to Alice in Chains, though. Imagine AiC using Type O’s gear. Sal’s voice isn’t bad. Half-Jerry Cantrell, half-Scott Weiland. He’s no Pete Steele, but it’ll do. The first song after the intro is fucking awesome. “Shallow Grave.” Great bassline. Sorta “Black No. 1”-ish. Cool lyrics. Cool chorus. I sing the chorus at work sometimes. “…and I place a nameless stone…” Great hook. Pimp shit. No idea why I’m doing a stream-of-consciousness review. Sorry. I suck. So does the rest of this album. Seriously. It sucks ass. No other good songs. No other good choruses. Lyrics eventually get awful. I mean really awful. Like Hellyeah-meets-Buckcherry awful. Pete Steele could pull off occasionally goofy lyrics because he was Barry White in Thor’s body. Sal isn’t. Sal can’t. I miss Pete. So there you have it. Lay My Soul to Waste has one truly awesome song. You might even sing the chorus at work. Assuming you work… and aren’t afraid to sing poorly in public. The rest of the LP is pure filler, ranging from boring to AIDS. If you’re one of those people who only listens to the first song, this’ll be, like, your favorite record ever. I’m not one of those people.

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