Winter - Into Darkness

Posted on Thursday, April 28, 2011

When I first reviewed this album as a brand-new release, in Metal Curse #4, back in 1990/1991 (for those who don’t know, Metal Curse started publication in early 1990), I really didn’t like it. The glacial tempos can make the riffs difficult to sit through without passing out. When Winter speeds up to let’s say the slowest that Celtic Frost ever played, things get a little more interesting. Since this album was initially released, some other super-slow Death/Doom bands have emerged as Funeral Doom, and the cream of that lethargic crop incorporate many layers and sounds into their compositions to keep the listener interested, and in the very best cases, entranced. Winter is too simplistic, but was breaking new ground at the time. I haven’t listened to Into Darkness very often in the past twenty years, but I think that I appreciate it now more than I did then, and it’s good to see this (very limited edition!) Southern Lord reissue, even if it does not seem to have been remastered or include the bonus tracks (the Eternal Frost EP) from Metal Mind’s 2008 edition.

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