Whoretopsy - They Did Unspeakable Things

Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2012

The debut album from Whoretopsy (and also for Germany’s Torture Music Records) turns out to be a pretty damn good one. These Aussie sickos dish out a healthy serving of deliciously demented guttural Death Metal, most of which is unadulterated mid-paced slamfest. Occasionally the band will kick it into high gear with over-the-top blasting brutality, while other times they slow it down to a chug-induced crawl. Storma’s vocals are standard guttural filth —a deep growl that causes involuntary bowel failure coupled with a recurring high-pitch scream that admittedly could use a little work— but he gets the job done. The real treasure here is the album’s ultra-disturbing lyrics. When the first line is, “He sits fingering his foreskin,” —a song about dressing an elderly prostitute in your deceased grandmother’s clothing and making her soil herself before you bathe, fuck, and kill her in that order— you know it’s going to be a fun ride. Straight from the troubled mind to the page, other topics include fecal stench eroticism (“DPI”), dead rodent masturbation (“Voyeurism”), necrophiliac sex slaves (“Necrobordello”), and death by chronic diarrhea (“Potty Mouth”). Needless to say, They Did Unspeakable Things is full of potential catch phrases. With any luck, all the kids will be saying, “inhaling her rich musk,” “labia and anus flayed,” “her pelvic floor is weak,” and “lick the spunk off my guts, whore” by the end of the summer. Musically Whoretopsy won’t be accused of wheel reinvention anytime soon, but when your lyric sheet makes the Marquis de Sade’s diary look like a Ron Howard script, who the fuck cares? Now lick the spunk off my guts, whore!
Note: Distributed in the U.S. by the ultra-brutal folks at Sevared Records.

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