Whoretopsy - Isn’t She Lovely

Posted on Monday, November 26, 2012

“Alan hated life.
He would always stare into the mirror screaming, ‘YOU ARE SUCH A DISGUSTING CUNT!’”
How else would you expect Whoretopsy to start out a recording? While I’m a little bummed that we don’t actually get to hear them cover Stevie Wonder, I am truly thankful that we didn’t have to wait long for another peek into the deranged imagination of Australia’s most disturbed Death Metal band. Following mere months after this year’s They Did Unspeakable Things, these degenerate sickos spin four more tales of morbid debauchery. Opener “High School Sweetheart” isn’t your typical boy-meets-kidnaps-ties-up-rapes-murders-eats-girl story (“cum seeps from her swollen chapped hole / it tastes like salty onions mixed with soap”), but then again nothing about Whoretopsy lyrics are typical. Other avenues explored include human furniture (“Skinterior”), taking a circle jerk to the next level (“Seminal Torture”), and good ol’ fashioned drunken cunt-hunting (“Eviscerated Harlot”). But it isn’t just the brilliantly obscene lyrics to get excited about. The band sounds like a tighter overall unit instrumentally, and a much stronger production than the debut serves to bring Storma’s guttural growls out more as well. Whether blasting at full speed, chugging at mid-pace, windmill riffing to a double-bass assault, or completely breaking down to a crawl via lethal pit riffage, the Aussies convincingly deliver the gory goods. Sure, they aren’t reinventing the brutal Death Metal wheel, but with storytelling this depraved, they don’t have to. Thirteen minutes of (severed) headbangability that just might have all the other gorenography-obsessed lyricists sprinting to the drawing board.
“Richard slips the girl’s spleen on his knob, then he cums into it like an old sports sock. Lady of the night hidden under some sticks.”
(Curtain closes. Thunderous applause.)

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