Wall of the Eyeless - Through Emptiness

Posted on Tuesday, February 07, 2012

This demo occasionally seems to be little more than an excuse for guitarist (and bassist and singer) SL to call down the guitar solo thunder, and things can dissolve into somewhat of a blur at higher tempos. But his solos are generally interesting, which is no easy task, and when Wall slows down so that you may better appreciate the stylistic juxtapositions and weird dynamics, these songs can be impressive. There are some decidedly rough edges, and things often seem unfocused, but that’s to be expected when a band tries this many different ideas (every Extreme Metal style, and some not so Extreme, you can think of): not everything is going to always work out. It will be interesting to hear how Wall of the Eyeless evolves over the course of a few recordings. I can easily imagine them going all Prog Metal, but I hope they find another path. I was going to say that the recording and/or production can also be slightly unpolished at times, and then I pulled my head out of my ass and remembered that Sony didn’t give SL and Simon (drums) a dump truck full of money to record this; they had to do it themselves. It’s amazing to think back about what demos (tapes at the time) used to sound like when I first started Metal Curse in 1990. If I had heard Through Emptiness back then, my head would have exploded. Check out the song “Wall of the Eyeless” for perhaps the best realization of this band’s potential.

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