Vile - Metamorphosis

Posted on Friday, April 20, 2012

I was a fan of Vile back when they did the Vile-ation demo tape and Stench of the Deceased. They were a brutal Cannibal-Death Metal band (Cannibal-Death Metal = Cannibal Corpse worship) back then and they did it well. When you saw them live, they tore your fucking head off. After Juan Urteaga left the band to concentrate on running his recording studio, Vile slowly began changing their sound in a more technical direction. I kind of lost track of them after Depopulate (mostly because they don’t do live shows around here much anymore) so I was surprised to find out that they were still around and producing records. Their style has changed into a more straightforward Death Metal style that isn’t hyper-technical but it does have technical elements to it. They’re trying to evolve things into a more “mature” sound while still retaining their Death Metal style. The result is kind of a mixed bag, but it is mostly successful. The music and the playing have slowed down considerably and the guitars aren’t as tuned down or distorted. That allows you to hear what they’re playing more clearly. Listening to this clinically, I wanted the guitars to be a bit louder and the playing more forceful. I’m a Metalhead. I want it loud and ferocious. This was measured and focused delivery. When you consider Vile’s past, I was a bit disappointed that this album never kicked it into high gear and got fucking brutal. Still, it was well executed and had some interesting elements that you pick up on after multiple listens. If they can go for the throat on the next album, they’ll fucking kill.

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