Toxic Holocaust - Conjure and Command

Posted on Thursday, November 03, 2011

I don’t mind it when new bands ape Old School Swedish Death Metal. I don’t mind if 1,000 miserable kids write 100,000 depressing songs that all sound like Burzum. I don’t mind a Katatonia clone, and I don’t even mind it when 500 Deathcore bands all use the same 30 breakdowns. In fact, I’m rather fond of all those things, really. But for some reason when I hear kids doing the old, classic Thrash, I feel like I’m in a nursing home all of a sudden. Toxic Holocaust aren’t terrible, and I’d venture to say this is probably their most established work to date, given that Joel Grind has a proper band to work with now. But Conjure and Command feels like visiting a boring museum. I’m just not one of these guys that gets an erection from re-enacting the Civil War. You don’t see Rap guys still wearing Hammer pants, do you? When I want to hear the classic style, I’ll go to the vaults. Your tribute band isn’t coming close to the feeling I get from the real thing, and that’s why there’s no way in hell I would pay actual money for a Toxic Holocaust LP. Even if it were 1987, these guys don’t play with enough heart. They have chops up the ass, but can neither conjure nor command a single emotion from the listener. Life is too long to waste time on any musicians that are not slaves to Negativity and Her supreme will. Need proof? Of the ten tracks here, only the morbidly paced “I Am Disease” stands out from the pack. It crawls with sinister, Venom-meets-slow-Slayer vibes. Morbid + sinister = Negativity. The rest of the album is like re-runs of The Jeffersons.

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Koji Kabuto said:

I get your point, and agree, but who the hell cares what “Rap guys” do or don’t do?!

Posted on Thursday, November 03, 2011 - 04:27:59 AM

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