The Demonstration - Accidents with Intelligence

Posted on Sunday, October 24, 2010

With the drummer, bassist, and guitarist from this band all contributors to the almighty Killwhitneydead attack, The Demonstration come with automatic interest for yours truly. An interest further peaked by my enjoyment of 2006’s Existence album on Tribunal Records. Sadly and immediately noticeable, these guys have made some changes. I don’t know if it’s new vocalist Zach Messick, or new guitarist/vocalist Rob Gabriella, but one of these guys has a singing style unsettlingly similar to the fag from Linkin Park. Not the fag that raps but the other fag, the whiny one. Other than this, Accidents with Intelligence is a solid helping of Metalcore with all the fixings, but it’s a pretty big hindrance. One that stains all but a salvageable EP’s worth of material here. I don’t even mind the softer clean vocals, but the Linkin Park scream-singing is downright unbearable. A band with this much talent and raging heaviness capability should not be putting out albums where a Third Eye Blind cover is the most memorable cut. The aforementioned salvageable EP: “A Very Calculating Snake,” “Car Rides,” “We’re All Alone, We’re All Lonely,” and “Character Flaws.”

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