Ringworm - Scars

Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2011

As far as I’m concerned, Ringworm has never been able to top 2001’s masterful Birth Is Pain. It’s their Reign in Blood, if you will. The band’s debut, 1993’s The Promise, is a bit more traditionally old school Hardcore, but it’s not difficult to hear how these guys made the leap from that to the more “Metalized” style of their subsequent albums, all of which essentially follow the Birth Is Pain battle plan, including this new one, Scars (which I have seen quite a few times hilariously misspelled as Sears). But the intensity seems to be just a shade lower here (maybe a micro-shade), perhaps due to the somewhat duller production. I don’t know if Ringworm wanted a slightly less-polished sound, or if Victory only gave them $13 for studio time, but in any case, it’s not anywhere close to enough to ruin things. If I hadn’t listened to the band’s entire discography to prepare for this review, I might not have even realized exactly what was a little off. Still, I have to say that Sears Scars is possibly the least-essential Ringworm album, but don’t read too much into that, because the “least-essential” thing these Buckeyes ever recorded is still excellent, and well above most of their competition.
PS. I can’t believe that there’s a song on this album called “Angelfuck” and it’s not a Misfits cover.

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