Puteraeon - The Esoteric Order

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Old School Swedish Death Metal always sounds good to me. Puteraeon play this style very expertly, with perhaps just a touch of Thrash injected here and there. And The Esoteric Order is perfectly serviceable, but not amazing, or even really very memorable, which is strange, since these songs seem as if they’d stick with you. Despite the excellently raw vocals and amazing production, at no time while listening to this did I stop and think, “That was fucking awesome!” Nor did I think that anything was even remotely bad, or done poorly, but I need more than that. The song titles are all H.P. Lovecraft worship, but that only goes so far… This album sounds great while its playing, but it’s somehow missing the intangible that would make me want to put it on “repeat” and listen to the entire thing 666 times in a row.

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Stormbreaker said:

Man, you must have been high (or not high enough!) while listening to this!  It IS fucking awesome!  Give it another try, bro.

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 06:17:35 AM

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