Primate - Draw Back a Stump

Posted on Friday, August 31, 2012

There was a time when the words “featuring Kevin Sharp on vocals” would’ve incited great curiosity and excitement. There was a time when Brutal Truth ruled the world, and their iconic frontman was a huge part of that. A very cool, down-to-earth dude with pipes that used to intimidate Thor. However, I’ve fallen for the Kevin Sharp-side-project trick once before with the horrendously awful Venomous Concept, and now that Brutal Truth’s once-mighty Grind assault has gone completely batshit, these days flip a coin. Still, I thought for a second that Primate might be a potential conduit for the primal ooze that’s been sorely lacking in Brutal Truth since their reformation, and hoped Draw Back a Stump would be that back-to-basics Grindcore rager. Then I remembered that hope is a one-night stand that gives you AIDS. This is total shit. Phoned-in Punk slop meets Crust for Dummies, and Sharp’s voice sounds terrible. When he doesn’t sound like a backwoods Deliverance hillbilly, it’s second rate Kirk Windstein, or Jeff Clayton’s dad at best. I would gladly benchpress the effects on Kevin Sharp’s vocals if he would promise to use them. The kids at my high school who went to the “special classes” had better Hardcore bands than this (see “Drinking and Driving”). I’m told this project also features someone from Mastadon. I thought I sensed the foreign presence of light. Harmless to the point of embarrassing, this happy —possibly impromptu— jam session reeks of nothing but a good time, and I don’t need Poison lyrics anywhere near my Grindcore. That Venomous Concept is sounding pretty good right about now.

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OnlyInDeath said:

I think I’ll go listen to Need To Control a couple dozen times.

Posted on Friday, August 31, 2012 - 01:39:34 PM

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