Paradise Lost - In Requiem

Posted on Monday, October 22, 2012

I haven’t really been into much of what this band’s done since 1995’s Draconian Times, which in itself was a step down from its predecessor. (It’s all pretty much been downhill since Gothic, really.) Still, every time Paradise Lost puts out a new album, I am promised some kind of return to form. And every few years, like some jackass Alzheimer’s patient, I fall for it hook, line and sinker. “Maybe this will be the one,” say I, the naive retard. And every single time I get let down. “Hey… I got my fucking hopes up for nothing!” Well, when promised that long overdue return to form this time, I vowed not to hope, for all hope is pain. Upon hearing the music for In Requiem, my hopes slightly shot up a little. It’s Thrashier, it’s heavier, and it’s as youthful as they’ve sounded in aeons. But then all it took was a little taste of Nick Holmes’ new-found backwoods hillbilly, James Hetfield, trailer park mating call. He sounds like Chuck Billy with Downs! A few scattered traditional Paradise Lost melodies throughout the album only serve as a sad reminder of what, if they wanted to, could be again. Paradise lost indeed.

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