Pandemic Genocide - Mighty Apocalypse

Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2011

It seems as if there are no bad Death Metal bands in Poland, but they do all tend to sound somewhat similar. So, it is no surprise that Pandemic Genocide doesn’t stray too far away from the established Vader/Behemoth territory, although perhaps slightly simplified in execution and with a hint of Immolation mixed in, as well. This is not exactly a problem, in my opinion, as that is prime real estate to explore, and there are 666 metric tons of great, memorable riffs here. To carve out a more unique identity, PG occasionally slows down and gets a little atmospheric, which maybe works the best in the excellent “Arcana Mortem.” These guys also have no problem with faster tempos, as is evidenced in the amazing title track, and really all over the place, with surgical precision. It took eight years (filled with demos and split releases) from when this band was formed to release this, Mighty Apocalypse, their debut full-length album. Hopefully the next one will arrive a little faster, because I’d certainly like to hear more.

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