Pact - The Dragon Lineage of Satan

Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pact is the latest horde that the Moribund Cult has discovered lurking in the foulest depths of the USBM scene. Musically, this is some pretty fast, crazy Black Metal that rips your face off almost immediately. The guitars are deadly, the vocals are rancid and the atmosphere is oppressively evil, but what kills it is the horrible drum sound. The bass drums are abominable and the snare isn’t much better. The bass drums literally sound like a light switch being flicked on and off rapidly. The only time I’ve ever heard anything comparable was when a local band called Infestation played live. The drummer had a quarter or some other small piece of metal glued to his bass drums so that when he used his pedals, the drums would produce a high pitched clicking sound instead of a deep bass tone like they should have. And the snare tone… It literally sounds like someone banging on a trashcan lid. Granted, it isn’t nearly as bad as the bass drums, but in combination, it fucks with the atmosphere and the flow of the music by adding a disruptive element that works against it. If Pact had someone working the engineer’s booth that knew how to get the best drum tone, this album would be a fucking ten. The music is that sick. I can totally see why Moribund signed this band because the talent is there. If Pact can get their drum tone sorted out, their next album will fucking slay. The Dragon Lineage of Satan is almost there, but technical issues pull this down from the top spot.

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