Opeth - In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall (video)

Posted on Thursday, December 02, 2010

Clocking in at nearly three hours, this may be the very definition of “too much of a good thing.” The concert is actually spread across two DVDs, with, for reasons unknown to me, the entirety of the band’s 2001 Blackwater Park performed live (plus an interview) on disc one, and a more traditional live set comprised of one song each from the rest of Opeth’s albums, in chronological order no less (plus a documentary) on disc two. And then, at least with some versions, you also get just the audio on three CDs! The video (16:9 anamorphic widescreen, of course) and audio (5.1 Surround Sound) are absolutely flawless. I’d guess that this was recorded in HD, and Roadrunner will double-dip us with an eventual Blu-ray release at some point, the bastards. Still, this is an amazing document of exactly how impressive Opeth is live. The band’s complex blending of Death Metal with their heavy Prog influences seems as if it should be more difficult to pull off live, but appears effortless here, which is nothing short of stunning considering the endurance necessary for such a long set (though there is an intermission after the end of the Blackwater Park songs). In Live Concert could be the one time that a live album isn’t strictly for existing fans only.

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