Noam Chomsky - Case Studies in Hypocrisy

Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2010

You know, I really should stop listening to this guy. Ignorance is bliss and every time I listen to Noam Chomsky, I get a little smarter and a lot more cynical and depressed. If you are a patriot and believe firmly in the fact that USA is a good and just nation, then you’ll want to avoid this, and other pieces of Dr. Chomsky’s spoken word and written material, as if it were the plague. Like his previous albums, this is a whole lot like listening to a lecture from a university political science class. It’s some pretty heavy stuff and all of it bashes the USA. The purpose of this CD is to make you think for yourself and to not trust everything the government tells you to believe. If you listen to this and can still honestly say that you believe the US government is kind, just and truthful, then I want the drugs you’re on.

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