Necrovorous - Funeral for the Sane

Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When I think of Greek Metal, what first comes to mind is the old coffin spirit, the abyssic genesis of apocryphal desire. In other words, Black Metal! Necrovorous destroys that mold with Funeral for the Sane, which is at times Doomy, occasionally a touch Thrashy, and always vehemently Old School Death Metal. After six years of demos and EPs, this is (finally!) the band’s debut full-length album, sounding to my battered ears something along the lines of a mix of early Dismember and Bolt Thrower, or perhaps simply like Death Breath’s crazy half-brother. Unfortunately not quite all of the riffs here are up to the impossible standard set by the ancient masters, and there can be a little too much repetition, but when everything correctly congeals, this LP is amazing. The production has been left slightly raw, I assume intentionally, which works very well indeed, since a more completely polished sound would be at odds with the OSDM philosophy. All the necessary pieces for greatness are essentially in place here, and a modicum of songwriting fine-tuning might just make the next Necrovorous recording one for the vaults.

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