Necromantia - Cults of the Shadow

Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2012

This double CD release of Necromantia is not new. It is an economy priced re-release of their debut and sophomore albums (Crossing the Fiery Path and Scarlet Evil Witching Black). Older Black Metal fans will already have these two albums, but being that they have been out of print (or at least hard to find) for a while, Osmose has decided that it was time that these two gems saw the light of day once again. If you don’t have them, Cults of the Shadow is a great way to find out how this band sounded back in the early to mid ‘90s. If you are like me, however, buying this is really a waste of cash as I already own the originals and nothing new has been added to make me want to buy them again. I would have liked to see this bundled with some new stuff as I really like Necromantia a lot and wouldn’t have had a problem shelling out some extra cash to hear a few unreleased tracks or even live or rehearsal material. The score on this would have been higher but seeing as Osmose didn’t put anything new on here, I can’t bring myself to rate it higher.

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