Moonspell - Alpha Noir / Omega White

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This album is available in several different configurations. One with just Alpha Noir, this 2-CD version with Omega White, and a limited edition that is the same as the 2-CD variation, but with different packaging and some other swag. And then there is the digital download, and vinyl too… If you’re a fan of Moonspell, you will obviously want the 2-CD version (or the equivalent) because you literally get a second album for just a couple dollars more. Alpha Noir and Omega White are actually two separate LPs that were recorded at the same time. Conceptually, they represent the two different aspects of Moonspell. Alpha Noir is more Black Metal influenced, and Omega White is more Goth Rock influenced. Though you’re not going to see this often, I liked the concept. It gives you the option of not listening to the Sisters of Mercy/Bauhaus-influenced stuff and just listen to the Metal songs (or vice-versa). If you were a fan of their previous album, Night Eternal, you will enjoy Alpha Noir. The two albums are fairly similar in style and the amount of aggression and dark atmosphere is similar. One notable difference between Alpha Noir and Night Eternal is the amount of keyboards that are used. Alpha Noir is far more guitar-driven. While it is still atmospheric, it uses guitar harmonics and strategically placed keyboard parts rather than an ever-present and powerful keyboard section. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Omega White, the Goth Rock inspired album. Whether you like Omega White or not depends on your feelings regarding their older material. If you liked albums such as The Antidote or Darkness and Hope, you’ll probably enjoy Omega White, too. While the production on Omega White is the same as on Alpha Noir, the difference in sound is easily noticeable. Where Alpha Noir is more aggressive and dark, Omega White has a strong Goth vibe. If Sisters of Mercy or Love Like Blood decided to do a Metal album, it would sound a lot like Omega White. The songs are markedly mellower and the vocals are more melodic compared to Alpha Noir. The music is also more accessible. There are some strong hook-laden tracks on Omega White that stick in your head long after the CD stops playing. My personal preference was for the darker, more aggressive material, but I found myself enjoying the Goth Rock stuff almost as much. I’ve followed this band for a long time and though they lost their way for a while, Moonspell is definitely back on track.

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