Marduk - Iron Dawn

Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I still miss Marduk’s demented old screamer, Legion (and Dread, before him). Mortuus (aka Guy-Who-Is-Not-Legion) tries his best, and at least he’s better in a studio than he is live, which was borderline embarrassing when I saw them late last year. I know that it has been about eight years since Legion was actually a member of this band, but it’s difficult to not think about his influence when listening to these Swedish blasphemers. What I mean by that is Iron Dawn makes my mind wander. Oh sure, the requisite Black Metal speed and intensity are here, except for the pseudo-Industrial slowness of the final of these three tracks, but it’s not at all memorable, and isn’t anything else enough to make up for that. Worse yet, it became more and more of a chore to listen to this with each successive spin, so for once maybe I should have only played it a single time and just gone with an old-fashioned (not that kind of old-fashioned, South Park fans!) ultra-short review like, “Often, but not always, intense, unmemorable Swedish Black Metal from a band living off its once-mighty reputation.”

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