Marduk - Infernal Eternal

Posted on Saturday, July 09, 2011

This has got to be a Marduk fan’s biggest wet dream. A double live CD with three MPEG videos on it. What more could you ask for? Well, not much really. Some of the serious classics are missing (such as “Wolves,” for instance or any of the slow, heavy stuff from Nightwing), but I guess if you wanted live versions of those, they did some of them on the Live in Germania CD a while back. In a way, this isn’t that far removed from their previous live album in that this isn’t one show. It’s a compilation of live tracks recorded at multiple shows with the best version of each song appearing on this CD. Personally, I like the “one whole show” approach better because you get more of an idea of how a band really sounds live. This is more like a greatest hits record with live stuff instead of studio cuts. Granted, this is some of the most deadly fucking Black/Death Metal in the world today and I should be thankful that this is available, but Marduk can pull off one of the most amazing live shows ever because they never have to slow down throughout the whole set. A “one whole show” recording would not have been that different (sound wise) than this and you would have had more continuity instead of the fade in, fade out stuff. Still, that’s a minor gripe and takes nothing away from how fucking great this is.

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