Le’rue Delashay - Musick in Theory and Practice

Posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I guess I don’t hate this as much as Gerg did Delashay’s previous album [1998’s _ The Court Composer _ -Editor], but it’s still not too impressive. What we have here is a sometimes decent attempt at creating a “haunting” and “epic” soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist. The “borrowing” from other, far more well known, soundtracks gives little credibility to La’rue’s vastly inflated self-image and claims that this album “summons forth the primal majesty of the universe.” It’s not completely terrible, but give me a break! Honestly, I think that as far this type of “soundtrack” work is concerned, there is simply a lot better out there, and the legitimate composers generally don’t share La’rue’s extreme delusions of grandeur.

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