Judas Iscariot - Distant in Solitary Night

Posted on Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I don’t know if I should call this Judas Iscariot’s third or fourth album. Technically, this is Andy Harris’ fourth CD as Judas Iscariot, but third album, as it was recorded before the Of Great Eternity album, but released after it. The ads for this album (and all other Judas Iscariot releases, for that matter) say that this is in the vein of older Darkthrone or Graveland. I say that this is wrong. This style of Black Metal can be traced back to the band Von. Von was very influential to the Norse scene even though they, themselves, were from the Bay Area! I know this because I met the guitarist for Von once at S.F. City College, of all places. They played almost exactly like this, making whole songs out of just one or two riffs and getting away with it because nobody else was doing it. Varg from Burzum himself claimed to love that band and so, apparently, does Andy Harris. Though Judas Iscariot is slower than Von ever played, the structure of the songs is the same. The guitar is thick and heavy and the sound is clear but raw at the same time. I’ve always liked Judas Iscariot and this album is probably my favorite. The riffs are primitive and brutal, the lyrics are full of hate and the whole album just reeks of evil. This album proves that the true spirit of Black Fucking Metal has not died nor has it compromised itself at all.

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