Jon Konrath - Fistful of Pizza (book)

Posted on Monday, December 26, 2011

Well, fuck a bowl of puke! It’s a new book by Jon “Psycho” Konrath. We don’t usually review books here at Metal Curse, but that’s only because most books are written by gay homosexuals. If you’re not familiar with Jon’s work, you should be. He’s a brilliant writer and always has been. Very few authors can be this open, emotional, truthful, witty, and painfully honest while still managing to appeal to the Death Metal demographic in the process. Make no mistake about it, this is a dangerously insane individual. However, his books always reveal a very human side of him. He can actually turn banality into an interesting read, as those who made it through his 4563-page debut Summer Rain can attest to. I may have gotten a little choked up in certain parts of that book (some of that may have been due to my own fecal stench, as I only read while shitting), but that’s because Jon’s writing is usually very personal, and I can often relate to him. You see, he used to live in this shithole I inhabit known as the Midwest, but has since moved on to New York, Seattle, Colorado, and now Oakland. Damn Jon, you’re never gonna outrun those gay thoughts, man. You might as well move back here. All joking aside, Summer Rain and the handful of books to follow were all from an almost diary-like perspective, which is fine. As I said, Konrath can turn just about any angle into an interesting read, but with Fistful of Pizza his pure comic genius is allowed to roam free. This is really not a new book, per se. These are short stories compiled from different sources, most notably his own Air in the Paragraph Line zine. Fans of this publication’s “Dear Death” column should already be familiar with the potential of Jon’s insanely unique humor. These stories are fucking hilarious, with quotable lines such as, “Stay in school and shit,” and “Gotta go, Friends is on. Hail Satan.” There are even appearances by Richard Nixon and Dokken! Well, not really… Needless to say, you can ditch the tissue box for this one. Just reach for your narcotic of choice and get ready to laugh. The last story, “They,” has almost a Tarantino-like structure (minus the hours of unnecessary dialogue) with a twist ending that I don’t want to spoil. In fact, I’m not going to give anything else away. Get your lazy ass on and order this book immediately. Psycho would probably even hook it up for the right bowl of puke.

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Koji Kabuto said:

I bought the Kindle version of this book - it’s only 99 fucking cents!
That’s got to be the best deal I’ve ever seen, and it’s a hell of a funny, entertaining read.

Posted on Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 07:41:00 AM

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