Job for a Cowboy - Gloom

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2011

Not much this band has done since their debut, the crushing Doom EP, has been worth a rat’s piss. Their highly anticipated 2007 Metal Blade full-length debut, Genesis, was a dismal failure. I think even the majority of the band’s prepubescent fan base would agree with that statement. However, the follow up, 2009’s Ruination, showed a bit of improvement. Some of those songs were not just all about speed and technicality, seeing a return to heaviness and groove. Would this EP -that perhaps only coincidentally rhymes with their first EP- finally be their much needed return to form? No, not at all. In fact, it’s by far the worst thing they’ve ever done. Just a coincidence indeed, as this material is starting to make Genesis look better all the time, not to mention the progress shown on Ruination thrown out the window. This doesn’t even sound like Job for a Cowboy. It sounds like some kind of cheap Black Dahlia Murder clone. I had to check to see if this was still Jonny Davy singing because it sounds like a newborn baby just learning how to scream. These songs are essentially super-tech melodic Thrash with a few Death Metal chops thrown in. I’ve listened to this about half a dozen times and the only thing that stands out are the annoying paper-thin-scream vocals and a complete lack of anything even remotely memorable or relevant to the band’s past efforts. Maybe this EP is a subtle fuck you to the fans? It’s possible, as I briefly met Davy at a show in Michigan and he was a total dick. I can understand somewhat, given that this was at the height of their Myspace popularity, and it’s tough when the majority of your groupies haven’t had their first period yet.

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