Jello Biafra - Machinegun in the Clown’s Hand

Posted on Monday, September 06, 2010

Left-wing musical and political icon Jello Biafra is back with yet another triple-CD spoken word album and as before, Jello takes no political prisoners. This release covers a lot of ground and once again, so much material is time sensitive that you can’t help but feel that some of the information on this album is a bit dated. Even with an abundance of material surrounding the beginning of the War on Terrorism™ and September 11®, I thought that Jello had a lot to say that was still relevant - one of the things being the questioning of how much of the news we are being fed is real. Even though I tend not to agree with some of the more Socialistic things Jello has to say (I’m quite a bit more to the right than he is - though I’m still considered to be left of the center politically), I won’t question his right to say what he does. The only thing that I thought brought this album down from perfection was the fact that a good portion of this album repeated stuff that was already on The Big Ka-Boom: Part 1, which was released almost a year or so ago. That wouldn’t have been a crime if that particular CD were a limited edition kind of thing, but it wasn’t. Besides, most people who buy Jello’s albums would already own that one so repeating what was on it would be redundant. On a side note, if half the stuff he says about his former band-mates is true, the “new” Dead Kennedys have to be killed. It’s one thing to want to make a little money, but it’s another thing entirely to sell out completely. If D.H. Peligro really did say that they supported the War on Terrorism™ and the Bush administration, then they really have pissed on everything that Dead Kennedys stood for all those years ago.

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