Jello Biafra - Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police

Posted on Monday, September 06, 2010

The 4th of Jello’s spoken word albums. The 3 LP version has one entire side not found on the 2 CD set. If you like Mr. Biafra, then you’ve already got this, and if you don’t like him, then you’ll not get it anyway. But wait, do I hear the voice of some stranger to Jello? Okay, for you, then, unenlightened one: Jello Biafra was the singer for the Punk band Dead Kennedys, and now, in addition to teaming up with everyone from Sepultura to Mojo Nixon, he travels the country, spreading the message of a corrupt government, and all the other problems of our society. It’s generally pretty sobering to listen to his monologues, and I think it’s also very entertaining.

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