Isacaarum - Menses Exorcism

Posted on Saturday, July 02, 2011

HOLY SHIT!! Am I fucking dreaming? Can this really be this cool? Am I really listening to the first band to successfully mix bludgeoning Gore-Grind with raw Black Metal? If I am dreaming, for once do the decent thing and let me die in my sleep. This is just amazing. It is honestly like listening to Carcass, Bathory, Exhumed, Marduk, Haemorrhage, Destroyer 666, Squash Bowels, Impaled Nazarene, and Nasum all in one! I just came!! The only flaws I can find, and believe me I had to dig deep, are a sickeningly disturbing layout (I just hope that piss was digital), and a pretty shaky understanding of English which leads to confusing song titles and lyrics. That’s it, two minor, superficial flaws that really take nothing away from a splendidly deranged listening experience. Any connoisseur of musical extremity’s collection is simply incomplete without the Menses Exorcism. Favorites: “Cock Control,” “Cummand & Cuntquer,” “Menstrua,” and “The Menses Exorcist.”

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