Indian - From All Purity

Posted on Thursday, April 24, 2014

When it comes to the band I’ve never heard before on Relapse, these days there isn’t much middle ground for me to speak of. It’s either going to be surprisingly fantastic (ASG’s Blood Drive was a top ten list penetrator for yours truly last year, and perhaps only Bloodbath and/or Lonely the Brave have a chance of dethroning Nothing’s Shoegaze/Alt Rock masterpiece Guilty of Everything from the #1 spot in 2014), or it’s going to be something so awfully bad it just doesn’t need to exist (trying to tell Inter Arma and Howl apart gave me writer’s block for half a year). This fifth full-length from Chicago’s Indian unfortunately falls into the latter category. Nothing more than a pointless exercise in noise-making, imagine Eyehategod playing Funeral Doom without even the slightest ability to craft a remotely memorable riff. While the quartet successfully achieves a nasty filth-ridden guitar sound, big league production quality, and a truly dark, oppressive vibe completely barren of light or hope, they don’t do a damn thing with it that the listener will have an ice cream cone’s chance in Hell of actually remembering. (On that note, this is probably the type of band that claims to not care what anyone thinks of their “music,” but there’s a price tag on their merch that says they do.) This is just endless slow-for-the-sake-of-slow chord strumming —without ever arriving at an actual rhythm figure or hook— with the obligatory feedback and prototypical Sludge screamer. This might make a decent soundtrack to an ultra-brutal snuff film, but on its own, From All Purity is more like being tortured than watching it.
Recommended for fans of: being incredibly bored.
Highlights include: pressing stop.

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