Himinbjorg - In the Raven’s Shadow

Posted on Saturday, July 02, 2011

Three minutes of pretty acoustic guitars and keyboards later, the album really starts. The music is strangely “happy,” but I suppose that matches the vocals, which sound something like a guy in a coffeehouse reading his sappy poetry that he thinks is the best shit ever written. Well, and then there are the raspy vocals, which are a little better, although still not very good, and generally they seem to be at odds with the music. Okay, these guys do speed things up, but the faster parts really emphasize the weird production and mix. And I really should mention the laughable keyboard effects. In at least one song, they sound as if they were taken straight out of a vintage 1983 video game. There are a few good moments here and there, and it does kind of get better as it goes along, but the bad easily outweighs the good.

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