Heirs - Fowl

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2011

I realized I needed to make a couple of admissions during the time spent working on this review. First, Fowl was released in late 2010 on the German-based Denovali. The US release date for this sophomore album was supposed to be April 4th, 2011, but despite all my research I wasn’t able to figure out what label got the deal. Second, I hate the “artsy” sounding Post-Metal or worse, Post-Rock, genre tags. I’m old school and believe Industrial, as a category, is sufficient even if Metal or Rock elements are present. With that out of the way, I knew upon first hearing this Australian quartet that I had to review this album. “Dust” starts out with a hypnotic passage composed by a synth, simple bass line and soft drums. As you’re about to nod off, just before the 4 minute mark, the door of their full volume is flung open like that classic scene introducing Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The calm is broken with a soaring vociferous riff, which would make most shoe-gaze (another tag I dislike) Black Metal bands jealous, and resounding drums. Heirs is completely instrumental and that’s their strength. The mood, alternating between tranquility and anxiety, is conveyed through their music, encompassing the broad spectrum of the Industrial genre. While comparisons could easily be made to Godflesh (check out “Tyrant”), Swans and Fetish 69, it’s evident they are creating their own identity. With a third album, Hunter, nearing completion, a homeland tour alongside Alcest coming up in October and booking for a third European tour, Heirs is destined for greatness.

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