Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone

Posted on Monday, June 13, 2011

Reviewing CDs may not be the toughest gig out there, but try doing a band like this justice. How do I even begin to tell you how fucking awesome this is? How do you try to sum up in words the brilliance this German Metalcore outfit possess musically and lyrically? You can’t use comparisons, because these guys don’t sound like anybody. On the contrary, other bands try to sound like them! It all starts with an almost scientific mastery of rhythm. If they gave out an award for Best Palm-Muting, Heaven Shall Burn might win it hands down (no pun intended). Then you have the grinding, the melodies, and the breakdowns that just don’t sound like anyone else’s. They achieve, seemingly with ease, Death Metal brutality delivered with a Thrash-like precision, yet can musically embody a sense of misery and struggle with a sincerity most Emocore bands can only dream of. Lyrically, broken hearts and self-interest take a backseat to the world’s pain and suffering, not to mention its eminent demise. Vocally, Marcus is just a pure screamer. Someone who is just born with it. I don’t think in eight years the man has used a single vocal effect, and oh yeah, when he wants to he can even sing a little bit, too. I’ll just put it this way, this is Heaven Shall Burn’s fourth full length album, and they’ve yet to write bad song one. I pity the poor bastard who misses out on this.

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