Haunted Garage - Possession Park

Posted on Monday, June 13, 2011

These guys are freaks. Musically, they are difficult to describe, but usually they are pretty Thrashy. And always entertaining. Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t totally worship each of the 12 songs on this LP- only nine of ‘em, but the other three are still cool. But you are still missing out on something- the lyrics. In the song “Theme,” Dukey (the vocalist) screams out “Just call me Satan of the morning, just suck my dick before you leave.” In the awesome “976-KILL,” he shrieks “I take out a big axe, knock down the front door. I go for their heads, and I make some dip.” These dudes even cover “Psychotic Reaction” and “Hokey Pokey,” although they do add some new lyrics to ‘em. Now, like I said, these guys are freaks, and this album is a wild, insane, horrific, experience. But it’s all in fun and I like it, so I think you might too. Favorite songs: “Bitch Like You” and “976-KILL.”

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