Hate - Erebos

Posted on Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Even for those somehow unfamiliar with this Polish Death Metal band, it may come as no surprise that Hate sounds like a combination of Vader and Behemoth. And what could be a greater compliment than to be compared to those two legends? Hate main-man Adam the First Sinner has been delivering the evil for 20 years, and Erebos is so amazing that it sounds as if he’s been working on this album the entire time (actually, this is the band’s seventh full-length studio album). The acoustic intro threw me at first, but apparently it’s intended to lull the listener into a false sense of security before the blast beats kick in and start pummeling your gray matter. Any discussion of the drums would almost have to start with how fast the kick-drum molestation is sometimes, but speed is perhaps the least of Hexen’s awesome skills, as he stands with the true elite in every way. Not to be outdone by anyone, ATF Sinner has composed complex, layered songs that are often intensely brutal, but never sacrifice being memorable to achieve the necessary devastation. The perfect production is the final element, and after about 666 spins (can I still say “spins” if I’m listening to mp3s?), all I want is to keep listening to this and not have to move on to the next review.

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