Graveflower - Returning to the Primary Source

Posted on Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Graveflower hails from Russia, but they may as well be from Halifax, England. Why Halifax? Because that’s where My Dying Bride is from. Why do I say this? Because Graveflower sounds exactly like them. I kept thinking that I had the wrong album on because I could swear that Returning to the Primary Source was The Angel and the Dark River or The Light at the End of the World. I mean this literally. The music and vocals are so much like My Dying Bride that Graveflower should be sending royalty checks to them. I’ve heard tribute bands that sound more original than this. As much as I like the music that’s on this album, I’m going to have to rake Graveflower over the coals for essentially ripping off someone else’s sound. I remember the days when every other Florida Death Metal band sounded like Morbid Angel, but at least you could tell that it wasn’t Morbid Angel on the album. This sounds so much like My Dying Bride that you could literally fool a hardcore fan. Returning to the Primary Source goes beyond being influenced by a band and into the realms of copyright infringement. If this had been a My Dying Bride album, it would have been at least a nine because musically, this is some good stuff. The reason it isn’t a nine is because everything on this CD is literally indistinguishable from My Dying Bride. I couldn’t give this a one because the playing is too good, but I can’t give this more than a five in good conscience.

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