Grave - Endless Procession of Souls

Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Considering I’ve listened to 1991’s seminal classic, Into the Grave, more times in my life than I’ve urinated, I really wanted to like this new Grave. I even considered pulling my punches a bit, out of respect to their hall-of-fame career, but that’d be unfair to anyone reading this, not to mention gay. This album is boring. And when I say boring, I mean episode-of-The Waltons-on-a-black-and-white-TV-with-no-sound boring. The mind begins to wander approximately ten minutes after you press play, and that’s a hypothesis I’ve proven as fact through experimentation. Thinking I might possibly be losing my mind, I played this LP for a few friends who also happen to be Death Metal lifers. After 10 minutes, I stopped play to no complaints. The only response being, “Yeah, I’d had about enough of that,” with absolutely no one able to remember a second of what they’d just heard. It seems ever since the triumphant comeback duo of Back from the Grave and Fiendish Regression, Ola has been stuck in a creative rut, releasing the same lifeless, going-through-the-motions album every couple years. It makes no sense to me, given the Swedeath all-star team he has backing him now —Mika Lagren (Facebreaker) on guitar, Ronnie Bergerstahl (ex-Centinex, ex-Demonical) on drums, and Tobias Cristiansson (ex-Dismember) on bass— that this album is as exciting as Amish porn, but that’s sadly the case. Endless procession of dead riffs is more like it. Or rather …and here I die… unsatisfied.

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Koji Kabuto said:

That is really disappointing…

Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - 04:54:17 PM

Jon Konrath said:

I don’t know, dude - Amish porn is pretty fucking hot.  I always love it when the chick is toying herself with one of those horse-powered wooden vibrators.

Posted on Saturday, August 18, 2012 - 12:51:40 PM

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