Grave - Back from the Grave

Posted on Sunday, June 12, 2011

After the disappointing return of my old friends, Unleashed, I was worried about hearing anything new from this other legendary Swedish Death Metal band, Grave, especially considering that the band’s last studio recording, 1996’s Hating Life, was far from their finest work. But I had little to worry about, really. This new album isn’t exactly Into the Grave 2, but it is pretty damn good, and sounds as if it could have come out right after Soulless. This is well done, old-style Death Metal, and while not as perfected as that of label-mates Bloodbath (but what could be?), it’s nice to hear. I remember the first time I saw Grave live. It was the band’s first US tour, in support of Into the Grave, and I went with some friends of mine to the legendary Medusa’s, in Chicago. Sadly that venue is long gone now, replaced with an apartment building, I think. And I thought that Grave was long gone, too. I am very happy to report that I was wrong about that.
It’s my understanding that the real version of this is a 2-CD set, with the second disc crammed full of early demos, which would be a worthy purchase all by itself.

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