Grand Belial’s Key - Judeobeast Assassination

Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is the second full-length album for GBK and what a difference this is! I slagged the debut album (Mocking the Philanthropist - it was released on Woodnymph and is now probably long out of print) for several reasons, one of which was the blatant “ancient” Bathory worship in the music, and another the fact that most of the “cult” songs that GBK did were written with Bestial Luciferian (aka Lord Kaiaphas ex-Ancient/Thokk) in mind when it came to the vocals. This is 1000 times better than the debut. Grand Belial’s Key has now morphed into a Black/Death Metal band with an emphasis on heavy, Doomier guitar passages and more original sounding material. In fact, this sounds so different than the debut that I swear that this is an entirely different band. A few minor gripes I have are concerning the cover art and some of the lyrics. Both suffer from a bit of childishness that, at least concerning the cover art, could have been avoided. If you haven’t seen the cover for this CD, it’s basically a scanned picture stolen from some kid’s illustrated bible where the picture of our favorite dead Jew has been artfully defaced with corpse-paint by someone using Microsoft Paint. Yes, you can see the jaggies. Also, concerning the lyrics, if there were any more references to semen and apostolic homosexuality on this CD, I’d have to call them Profanatica instead. It’s a pretty funny read (and probably true…) but the “Jesus was a fag” humor wears thin after a couple songs. I know these guys can do better, because musically, this is some seriously kick ass shit.

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