Godflesh - Slavestate

Posted on Sunday, June 12, 2011

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Godflesh because they’re on Earache, purveyors of obscenely good Death Metal, but Godflesh are atypical of the Earache label, they fall into a more Industrial pigeonhole than a Metal one. This, their follow-up to the widely popular and acclaimed Streetcleaner LP of last year, is a bit of an enigma. Roughly half the album follows in the vein of Streetcleaner and the remainder sees Godflesh trying a pseudo-Industrial Dance style. Now this could be interpreted in many ways: A) Godflesh are trying something different, but intend to remain Industrial Grind. B) They are changing to a Ministry type sound, or C) They were being leaned on to rush another album out to capitalize on the success of their last LP. I, for one, hope they continue in the tradition of their last album. Old Godflesh was cool because it sounded like long instrumentals. Slavestate has a jerky stop-start quality which makes it difficult to enjoy. Although I admire the band for trying something different, I think there are plenty of bands like Ministry and KMFDM which do this better, and I suggest Godflesh continue doing what they do best: Grind.

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