God Forbid - Determination

Posted on Sunday, June 12, 2011

God Forbid is an extreme music lover’s dream come true, but a critic’s worst nightmare! There is not a category, tag, or witty group of paragraphs that could even begin to do these guys justice. Just look at how fast Century Media recognized this gold mine. One listen to their last record, Reject the Sickness, on 9Volt Records, and you knew you were dealing with a force to be reckoned with for years to come. These guys can do it all. The soul of the band would arguably be Hardcore-based. Driving aggressive rhythms and start-stop riffing that would put Meshuggah to shame (check “Broken Promise”), but they also command the speed and precision of the tightest Metal band you’d care to mention. And then there’s the Maidenesque melodies that intoxicate, like those found on the powerful instrumental “God’s Last Gift.” The vocals? Pure agony. A scratchy throat of inherent pain that wraps up the total package that is God Forbid. Flawless!

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