Genocide Kommando - Black Metal Supremacy

Posted on Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Moribund Cult strikes again, this time with raw, hateful Black Fucking Metal provided by Genocide Kommando. This band could probably be classified as NSBM simply from the pictures of a burning synagogue and a pile of dead bodies (a photo I know was taken at a Nazi death camp), though they claim to support only our Lord and Master SATAN (!!!) and the complete genocide of the human species. Musically, Genocide Kommando sounds a lot like older Darkthrone, probably circa the Under a Funeral Moon or Transylvanian Hunger albums, but with much better production. One thing that is consistent with releases by the Moribund Cult is the fact that the sound is generally superior to other releases in their category - be it Death Metal, Black Metal or Grind. Genocide Kommando surprised me by being less chaotic and more melodic than I expected them to be. I expected something rawer and harder on the ears, though this by no means is a wimpy album. Black Metal Supremacy doesn’t break any new ground, but at the same time what is done on this album is done well. The playing is tight, the music is memorable and it gives me a bad case of whiplash every time I throw it in my CD player. I don’t normally mention cover art in a review but I really like the cover photo for this disc. It’s a picture of riot police shooting rubber bullets into an unseen crowd. Each of the policemen in this photo sports a pentagram insignia on his uniform, something I thought lent a dose of cold, hard, realism to a genre that is usually much more fantasy oriented.

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