Gardenian - Soulburner

Posted on Saturday, June 04, 2011

This starts off as your typical Swedish Metal album, complete with all the structures from At the GatesSlaughter of the Soul, just slightly rearranged, and then blossoms into something gayer. The song “Powertool” features repugnant Poppy female vocals like those you’d hear on a Contemporary Christian radio station. Then with “Deserted” a complete closet exodus is achieved with the interjection of Power-Glam vocals that may induce the loss of bladder control through laughter. I can understand and respect a band’s desire to add a dimension of passion to their music, but the clean male vocals on this LP sound like the guy from Boston with an even bigger dick up his ass. Trust me, the only thing this CD would accomplish in your collection is the absorption of dust mites. Even they don’t deserve such torture.

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