Gardenian - Sindustries

Posted on Saturday, June 04, 2011

More new-wave Swedish Metal. The press release wants me to say that this album has elevated Gardenian into the “realms of the death metal-elite,” but that’s hardly true for a number of reasons. While this is Metal of some form, I’d be hard pressed to call it “Death Metal.” Check out Entombed’s Left Hand Path, Grave’s Into the Grave, Unleashed’s Where No Life Dwells, or Dismsmber’s Like an Ever Flowing Stream for only a few examples of Swedish Death Metal. Also check them out for flawless examples of what should be meant by the word “elite.” This album isn’t bad, and certainly I like it more than Jack did their last one (1999’s Soulburner), but the infusion of Rock elements like wimpy vocals and some song structures and elements, only serve to dilute the rest.

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