Garden of Hesperides - The Frozen Garden of the Hesperides

Posted on Friday, June 27, 2014

According to the information that I have on this band, the sole member of Garden of Hesperides, Vasara, wants to remain anonymous and doesn’t tell anyone his real name or his physical location. Deliberate obscurity has some appeal to it, I suppose, but it isn’t like he’s gonna get mobbed by adoring fans anytime soon. Musically, Garden of Hesperides is minimalistic Black Metal in the Burzum style, but with more atmospherics. It doesn’t rise to the level of old Emperor or Graveland, but the keyboards are fully integrated into the four songs on this LP. It’s on the slow and droning side, but not in the Doom sense. This isn’t a poor choice of styles, but there is a flaw in this particular style that is a tough thing to get around. Inherent in minimalistic music is the fact that there isn’t much going on. It’s the nature of the beast. Minimalism can quickly degenerate into tedium and monotony, especially when you’re talking about songs that are pretty lengthy. The music isn’t bad, but it just goes on and on and on and on. Three of the four tracks are over ten minutes in length, but truth be told, they could have been cut in half and you wouldn’t notice the five to six missing minutes from each one. The Frozen Garden of the Hesperides is a valiant attempt at making interesting minimalistic Atmospheric Black Metal, but as good as Vasara is at creating bleak and somber moods, the music just isn’t engaging enough for my taste. If you happen to like droning Black Metal in the Filosofem-era Burzum style, you might find this album to your liking.

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