G.O.R.E. - Never Sober Level

Posted on Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Khaarnus layouts for their releases are so awkwardly confusing, I’m only going on a good guess which is band name and which is album title. What I am sure of, whatever the band’s name is, is that they’re seriously fucked up and enjoying every minute of it. Proof that comedy can coexist with Extreme Metal without destroying it, these Polish freaks epitomize what it means to entertain. For the most part, they are a Grind band and a seriously fucking heavy one at that, but they will throw an occasional curveball. Their song titles are paragraphs that brutalize the English language much like their riffs do your eardrums, but we’ll just say that the lounge music featured on “the first song,” and the tongue-in-cheek Techno cover that is “the last song” are two examples of how this album can simultaneously make you want to kill, and piss your pants laughing. A rarely successful feat.

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