Freaks in Love: A Quarter Century in Underground Rock with Alice Donut (video)

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is it just me, or did that Anvil movie spearhead a trend of documentaries about bands no one cares about? Well, I suppose I shouldn’t say no one… a few people like Alice Donut. I’m guessing all of whom are featured in this DVD. It shouldn’t be a surprise that one of those people is Jello Biafra —as the band has spent virtually their entire career on his Alternative Tentacles label— who calls them “the missing link between R.E.M. and The Butthole Surfers.” I’d say that’s an apt description, if not a flattering one based on my musical preferences. I for one cannot stand this Punk/Indie/Alternative/Noise/Psychedelic/Pop/Jazz/Rock act, in particular lead singer Tom Antona who has one of the most annoying voices and stage personas in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It’s fun music for happy fucks, and while I can’t deny the band has talent, there’s nothing more disturbing, pathetic, and wrong than trying way too hard to be unconventional simply for the sake of being unconventional. Granted, I’ve only heard a handful of songs over the course of many years, but what little I have heard sucked enough raw ass to keep me as far away as possible. That said, after watching Freaks in Love, I’m now aware of every innate detail of the group’s 25-year existence. From their humble mid-’80s beginnings as The Sea Beasts in Brooklyn’s CBGBs-fueled Punk scene, to their random re-naming and signing to AT, to their arduous touring schedule and multiple lineup changes, to their breakthrough, break-up, make-up, and where-they-are-now, etc. It’s all incredibly boring and mundane, and ultimately nowhere unique enough to warrant this level of spotlight. Even if I worshipped the band this wouldn’t be all that entertaining. A summary: this band sucked for a long time, nobody bought their records, they didn’t make enough money so they split, eventually got bored and hooked back up, now they suck again and have kids. There you go, just saved you 100 minutes of your life. You’re welcome.

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